An Open Letter to Hillary

Dear Secretary Hillary:

I was listening to a radio show on PBS the other day when one of your spokespeople was asked a question about whether or not your relationship with the rich hedgefund managers of Wall Street might give voters pause. Your spokesperson jumped right in with the answer that she didn’t think it was an issue, and that voters would not be concerned at all with the fact that you received big money from Wall Street, or that you were personally friendly with anyone on Wall Street.

I wanted so much to jump through the radio and confront her, and by extension, you. Your relationship with the wealthy of America is precisely why I have lost faith in you and Bill. Your hillaryhusband did great things as President, and a lot of us were hoping that should you win the presidency, you too could do great things, perhaps even greater than your husband. It is after all, a new century, a new time, and more things are possible than they were when Bill was the President.

Unfortunately, in that time, you and Bill have become multi-millionaires. You socialize with Wall Street. You live in New York. You spend time with, and share values with other one-percenters and by virtue of that lifestyle you have taken on, you have lost touch with the every day common American.

Although your home state is Arkansas, you have probably not set foot in a Wal-Mart in the past dozen years or so. Do you know who shops there? Not because they necessarily want to shop there, but because it is the only choice left to them because Wal-Mart has forced the closing of tens of thousands of other businesses across the world. The loss of jobs and security have been nothing short of phenomenal.

Have you ever had to go grocery shopping with a calcuator? Knowing that before you hit every aisle in the store that your budget would be exceeded? Have you ever had to face a child who was jumping up and down in the cereal aisle with a box of their favorite breakfast poison, only to have to make them put it back and take a box of the store brand instead?

Hillary, you used to be special and you used to give reassurance that you understood the underdog. That you were on the side of those of us with less. That you empathized with the single mother who worked four part-time jobs just to pay the rent.

You can no longer do that. You are in bed with the rich, and should you win office, you are beholding to the wealthy. You will not make policy based on what is best for the country, but instead you will make policy based on the people to whom you owe favors, and trust me, the list of those favors is growing quite lengthy.

I do not believe the people who say you are at fault because of what happened or didn’t happen in Libya. I do not believe the people who say that you will let Bill make the actual decisions of your presidency. I do not believe that you actually think that you would be a bad President. However, I do know that you now carry way too much baggage and can no longer be trusted. You don’t tell the truth when the opportunity presents itself. Neither did Bill by the way, and we didn’t hold it against him, but now we are holding it against you.

You no longer represent the best interest of the common, every day, get up and feed the dog and go to work American.

I have never voted other than as a Democrat, and I’m here to tell you that we don’t trust you.

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