Losing Someone Important

We’ve all suffered loss. A parent. A sibling. A boss. A best friend. If you have lived at all, you’ve lost someone important to you. Sometimes you don’t even know you’ve lost someone important until weeks or months later.

You may think that people in your past are no longer important. You can kid yourself until the cows come home. It’s simply not true.

My second ex-wife just died. September 27th, 2015. She was 72 years old. You know of course that 72 is not old. My mother died at 71. One of my grandfathers at 71. I used to think 70 years old was ancient. It isn’t. People live to be 90. 100. 85. 72 is not old.

Lynne Harding Leahy Richardson died on September 27th, 2015. I thought I was done with her. I thought that although we were friends, we were over. We were through. We made Amanda, one of the most important people in my entire world. Then we were over  – I gave her Amanda so I could live the rest of my life. Amanda is still here, still one of the most important parts of my life.

I’ll miss her.

I do miss her.

Did I make a mistake? We never know until the end that we should have walked other paths. I’m happy. I truly am happy. I still have Amanda, or at least the parts she is willing to share. Lynne is part of the stars now.

Cherish the ones you love because you never know when the end will come.




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